Through the MIT program, Henkel has provided infrastructure, teaching aids and equipment as well as kitchen utensils for Parivalaya. A day care rehabilitation centre in Chennai for mentally challenged children between the age group of 6 to 15 years Parivalaya equips children with self-help skills to lead a life of dignity & confidence. A special feature of this centre is to counsel & encourage the mothers of these children who need special guidance to bring them up. Parivalaya, also runs a joint mother-child support program wherein vocational job training is provided to the mothers.

Little Drops – home for the aged and mentally challenged

Little Drops is a shelter for destitute elderly and mentally challenged from socially & economically disadvantaged sections of society in Chennai. People are rescued from the road side and provided with food, clothing & shelter and taken care of so that they can breathe their last with dignity and in peace. In 2008 Henkel India provided funds for an emergency shelter at Little Drops in Chennai during the cyclonic storm when the entire city was flooded.

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