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Margo represents a heritage which has been passed on to generation after generation, since 1920. Margo has become a household name across India, through its unique anti-bacterial property, which stems from pure neem oil. Neem has been a part of the Indian tradition for ages, as a natural anti-bacterial agent, useful in curing and preventing several ailments.

One of the widely acknowledged benefits of Neem is its utility as a skin care agent. Margo taps that very same natural benefit through pure neem oil. Owing to the unparalleled delivery of this equity through its range of toilet soaps, Margo today is among the widely known brands in India, with a loyal consumer base.

Starting in 2009, Margo has done a revamp of the imagery of the toilet soaps, and has introduced the product in a new pack and new shape. This change in packaging and shape has been done to appeal to the preferences and aspirations of India’s dynamic and ever increasing young population. Additionally, the flagship product – ‘Margo Original Neem’ now comes with added Vitamin-E moisturizer which makes a great product even better, through its synergy with anti-bacterial cleansing benefit of the ever-potent pure neem oil.

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