Metal Processing and Machinery Manufacturing

From the rolling mill to the metalworking shop – wherever first-class surface quality and trouble-free processing are a must, you’ll find innovative products and processes from Henkel. There are countless examples to illustrate this. More than half the steel and aluminum strip products around the world are produced using Henkel rolling oils. Ultrathin organic coatings applied directly to the coil in the steel mill provide long-term corrosion protection for sheet-metal parts used in car body construction. High-performance metalworking fluids are setting new standards in steel and aluminum processing. A nanotechnology-based process is replacing conventional iron phosphating in metal pretreatment prior to painting. The portfolio stretches from cutting oils and products for cold forming to metal cleaners and conversion coatings. But all of these applications have one thing in common: perfectly balanced formulations to ensure the utmost in process reliability.

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Machinery Manufacturing
For more than 50 years Henkel has been a powerful partner in the machine manufacturing industry. With Henkel products we are able to meet customers’ high requirements in quality, economic and ecological aspects. Henkel is setting the quality trends for the future.


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