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Henkel is the world’s leading supplier of advanced materials for next-generation electronics assembly and packaging applications.  From wafer-level to board-level through to final assembly, Henkel’s world-renowned Hysol®, Loctite® and Multicore® product portfolios provide today’s electronics specialists with the proven, reliable and compatible material solutions they need to stay competitive.

No other business anywhere around the world is evolving as quickly as the electronics industry. Electrical goods are an indispensable part of daily life, at work and in our leisure time. Flat screen TVs, DVD players, PCs, cell phones and many other portable devices are all taken for granted today. One of the most fascinating aspects is the increasing miniaturization of these electrical devices. HenkelÂ’s chemical specialties and systems solutions play a key role in this development. They make it possible to manufacture ever smaller chips, semiconductors and printed circuit boards. The lightning speeds and fast cycle times in electronics assembly operations call for adhesives that can be applied in tiny quantities with the utmost precision. The adhesives must also cure in fractions of a second while guaranteeing permanent bonding strength. Henkel has pioneered new materials and methods such as an entire range of products in the switch to lead-free processes which make printed circuit assembly more environmentally compatible.

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Consumer electronics
Henkel is a trusted name with a proven track record in the field of surface treatments for epoxy substrates, glass substrates, silicon wafers, semiconductors, electronics, and optical devices. Henkel offers a comprehensive range of high performance products that deliver optimal adhesion.


Electrical devices
Henkel offers superior adhesives, sealants, coatings and pretreatments to address a wide variety of applications in the manufacture of electrical devices.


Electronics assembly
Smaller. Better. Faster. Cheaper. No four words more aptly describe the state of the semiconductor packaging market. Driven by consumers’ relentless push for smaller, yet more powerful and less costly products, Henkel’s semiconductor specialists are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to device packaging.


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