Loctite ® Hi-Tack Stick - Gasket Dressing (Automotive Aftermarket Only)

Loctite ® Hi-Tack Stick - Gasket Dressing. Formulated to work like Loctite ® Hi-Tack Liquid, but this wax-like stick is less messy, has a low odor, and is solvent-free. Loctite Hi-Tack Stick sets quickly to a very tacky film and seals and holds the heaviest gaskets in place. Resists gasoline, oil, and common shop fluids.

Applications Gasketing > Formed In Place > Rigid Flange (Anaerobic and Polyacrylate)
Chemistry (Meth-)Acrylates (monomeric)
Cure Type Anaerobic
RoHS Compliant Contact Henkel