What is a Body Filler?

A Body Filler is an adhesive product used to “fill” dents, scratches, holes and surface imperfections in body work prior to painting. Once applied and painted, body work will show no evidence of earlier damage. 

Good characteristics of a Body Filler:

  • Excellent adhesion to metal / glass reinforced plastics.
  • Flexible and able to withstand body movement, vibration and minor knocks.
  • Sandable so that original shape may be restored.
  • Last the life time of the vehicle.

Your benefits

  • General Purpose
  • Easy sanding
  • Semiflexible
  • For all repair jobs like dents, scratches and small holes
  • Product base: 2K Polyester resin
  • Pot life (standard climate): 4 to 5 min.
  • Sanding grit: up to P120
  • Pack size: Tin 2,700g
  • For dents and scratches on all types of surfaces
Technical Data
  • Product base: 2K Polyester resin
  • Color: Beige
  • Odor: Characteristic Polyester
  • Consistency :Paste
  • Density :approx. 1,65 g/cm³
  • Solids :approx. 100 %
  • Sand grid :Up to P120
  • Pot life (normal climate): 4 - 5 min
  • Application temperature:10ºC to 25ºC
  • In service temperature range: -25ºC to 80ºC
  • Short exposure (up to 1 h): 100ºC

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